Company policy

Quality Policy:
We shall always strive to provide non-discriminatory certification services in conformity to national and international accreditation criteria in accordance with the requirements of the accreditation bodies. Provide fair certification services to the benefit of our clients and which contribute to the overall integrity and value of the certification process to government, local bodies, commerce and industry. Continually maintain the highest standards of professionalism and business integrity.

The technical expertise and customer focus DFVC brings to the market place, together with its management’s proven track record in market development and customer service mean that DFVC has grown rapidly to gain a strong presence in many new markets. DFVC’s flexible and pragmatic approach ensures we can deliver our services to any organization, large or small.

Client Benefits:
The benefits of certifying through DFVC are many.
• Worldwide Recognition
• Process Effectiveness
• Highlight Potential Risks and Impacts
• Resource Reduction and Optimization
• Sales Enhancement and Improved Financial Performance
• Reduction in Product Liability

When you implement a management system and have it certified for compliance to recognized standards by DFVC you will gain progressive improvements in the areas of:
• Regulatory Compliance
• Return On Investment
• Customer Satisfaction
• Cost Reduction
• Market Advantage
• Improved staff morale and commitment